Ulrike Worthmann

Feldenkrais | Somatic Experiencing | Physiotherapist | Dipl. Social Worker | Certified Psychotherapeutic Naturopath

More movement and liveliness, more consciousness, enjoyment of live and connection to ourselves is what we all wish for.

In my practice, I offer several services, which support you in appreciating your life in a more dynamic and balanced way, as well as exploring your own potentials.

Feldenkrais / Somatic Experiencing


Explore your possibilities through Feldenkrais.

As an experienced teacher of the Feldenkrais-Method I offer you a holistic method. It will help you in learning to perceive your body, your movement and to explore it and vary it in a senseful way.

Feldenkrais does not only encourage your ability to observe bodily experiences, but it also engages a process of change. This way, handling pain can become easier. Furthermore, Feldenkrais supports you in connecting to yourself and thereby to other people in a positive way.

You can either book individual or group sessions.

Somatic Experiencing (SE)

A body-oriented treatment method in overcoming trauma and chronic stress.

Somatic experiencing supports you in developing healthy boundaries, inner scope and an access to your own resources. This therapeutic method was developed by psychologist and biophysicist Dr. Peter Levine. Its objective is the treatment and management of the physical and emotional symptoms that arise as a result of traumatic experiences.

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Support your baby with Child’Space

Chava Shelhav Method based on Feldenkrais.

With Child’Space, I offer babies and their caregivers a development-promoting movement method, being it with or without possible illness or disabilities. Child’Space works with direct communication, specific tender touch, guided movement, age-specific encouragement to play and singing. This stimulates perception, concentration, orientation, sense of community, and playfulness as a contribution to the development of the baby’s self-image.

You can either book individual or group sessions.

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For Feldenkrais colleagues

Supervision|Post and Advanced Trainings

Supervision in Feldenkrais accompanies you during your training and supports you in times of establishing your profession. Together, we discuss technical questions, exchange knowledge and experience, and work on possible implementations in FI and ATM work.

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